A limited edition print from Che Chorley's debut series, The Sea and Me. Prints are delivered in one size at 120cm X 80cm.


Exhibitied in Adelaide in 2014, the series marked 18 months immeresed in the South Australian seascape. All works in the series are editions of 5 + 1 AP.


The Sea and Me is Che's debut solo exhibition and takes the viewer to sea level. It aims to invoke the romance, fear, trepidation, beauty, and power of the sea and its relationship to the human psyche. Che draws inspiration from the salty tales of Melville, Cousteau, Winton, or the authors of old, seafarers and mariners of shipwrecks, sea monsters and sea shanties. The fear of the unknown which even today is real for so many, yet an environment in which Che finds comfort and solace, wonderment and respect.


Che uses the camera as a conduit to enter environments in which he may otherwise be uncomfortable to take the viewer on a journey of the ocean's moods, at times aiming to overwhelm at others inviting the viewer into a salty summer embrace. This environment is specific to the photographer, yet familiar to everyone. The ocean physically shapes our environment, emotionally shapes our psyche and defines our borders. The ocean gives life and takes away without discrimination. It is our environment, occasionally terrifying always mesmerising. The series before you are modern photographs taken with modern equipment, yet are timeless in their subject matter, scenes that have existed for millennia and will continue for millennia more with or without you. The Sea and Me is truly the sea and all of us, past, present and future.

Beastly Sea